Our Services

Within the framework of its license, Spirit Asset Management proposes a wide range of services, including:

Wealth Management

Spirit Asset Management offers to its clients 3 different mandates: discretionary mandate, advisory mandate and transaction-only mandate.

Spirit Asset Management provides investment advice services on a non-independent basis according to the European Directive. This means that while we provide our services on the basis of the open architecture by providing investment advice on financial instruments issued and/or provided by third parties, we will also provide investment advice services on a range of investment funds managed by ourselves and/or financial instruments issued or provided by entities having legal or economic links with us.

We believe that our mission is making complex easy. This is the reason why we have defined 3 clear different profiles: fixed-income, balanced and growth.

In addition, as we believe that our value remains to be flexible, this is the reason why we also put in place a dedicated mandate to answer specific needs.

Life-Insurance Services

Spirit Asset Management brings its clients tailor-made solutions in terms of wealth planning through Luxembourg life-insurance policies with investment mandates delegated to Spirit Asset Management combined with a maximum policyholder protection and security.

This regime ensures the legal separation of clients‘ assets from the insurance company’s shareholders and creditors (the so-called „triangle of security“). In addition, the custodian bank is also required to segregate assets and to protect the interests of subscribers to a life insurance contract. This is allowed by the law of 6th December 1991 which grants subscribers priority in the recovery of credit related to the execution of their insurance contracts in the event of the insurance company going bankrupt.

Asset Management

Spirit Asset Management has been appointed Investment Manager of several Luxembourg UCITS funds. Please refer to section INVESTMENT FUNDS.


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