Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is the first private banking centre in the Eurozone with more than €300b of assets under management and the second largest fund center worldwide with more than €3,000b of net assets.

Due to its economical and political stability as well as its innovative and international orientation, the Luxembourg financial place is an ideal place for private and institutional investors from all over the world.

From its origins as a Euroland centre, the country subsequently developed as a private banking centre and then, from the 1980s, as a leading domicile for investment funds. A series of niche activities were added over the course of the last twenty years and today the Luxembourg financial centre is broadly diversified. The success of the financial centre is founded on the social and political stability of the Grand Duchy and on a modern legal and regulatory framework that is continuously updated, inspired by regular consultation between the government, the legislator and the private sector. This legal framework, combined with Luxembourg’s openness to the world and strategic location, has attracted international banks, wealth managers, insurance companies, investment fund promoters and specialist service providers.

The Luxembourg financial centre is characterised by a strong culture of investor protection and rigorous anti money-laundering policies. Its specialist teams are multilingual and multicultural, with a long tradition of financial expertise and extensive knowledge of the needs of an international clientele.

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